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With a lawyer on staff in Ottawa, we have the legal professional capacity to ensure the proper drafting, execution and notarization of various types of powers of attorney - whether they are with regard to property, medical care, both, or specific matters.

If you don’t have your power of attorney already drafted or available, our Fast Draft process means we can have one ready for you to sign, and for us to notarize, within 48 hours of you providing us with all of the required information.
Requirements and Service Fees

Have your power of attorney or related information for us to draft it ready. Then, simply walk in with your identification and we’ll be glad to assist.

Service Fees:
Fee per notarization, or embossing, or certification of copy, or commissioning of oath:
  • first - $25
  • second - $25
  • third - $25
  • fourth - $20
  • fifth - $20
  • sixth and subsequent - $15 each
A Few Notes:
  • We are open on Monday from 9am to 6pm, on Tuesday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm, and on Friday from 9am to 4pm.
  • We can open as late as an hour beyond the closing times indicated above if pre-arranged.
  • We see clients without an appointment.
  • We usually accept final clients for the day 15 minutes before the closing times indicated above. Arrivals less than 15 minutes before closing time are charged a separate, one-time after-hours fee of $14.
Optional Fees For Other Services You May Additionally Select:
  • Gold Seal: The above pricing applies to Dry Seal embossing. Some clients prefer Gold Seal embossing, which stands out and reads better if documents are photocopied or scanned, and which is more prestigious. $2 additionally per embossing.
  • Additional Notary Information (Red Stamp): Notaries prevent fraud by checking identities and signatures. To ensure someone is really a notary, Canadian governments check against their database of notary seals and signatures. If the entity requiring you to notarize your document does not have access to this Canadian government database, your notary can give additional information to enable a general (“Law Society”) search to verify your notary’s identity. $6 additionally (one-time flat fee, not per page).
  • Digital Copy: Your notary is required to keep an electronic copy of your identity and document on file. As an option, this copy can be emailed to you. This is useful if you will be giving your notarized document to the entity requesting it, but you want to keep your copy or have a back-up copy. Maximum of 20 one-sided pages. $2 additionally (one-time flat fee, not per page).
  • Witnessing: We can provide you with up to two witnesses, in the event they are required in addition to the notarization of your document. $10 additionally per witness signature.
  • Printing or Copying: We can provide you with a printing or copying service if you send your documents (by email) in advance to our office for printing, or bring your documents in for copying. This is especially useful for clients with large sets of documents, or without the time to print or copy before visiting our office. Our printing or copying rate is $0.40 per page.
  • Fast Draft: Your notary can opt to draft your document if you don’t have one ready. A maximum of 2 pages per document applies. Complex documents will be charged a higher fee. $75 additionally for per document.
1) Payment can be made by Interac, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Payment can also be made by cash. Unfortunately we are unable to accept cheques.
2) The harmonized sales tax (HST) will be added to fees.
Getting Started

Gather your power of attorney or related information, as well as your identification, then click on the “Find Us” button to visit our contact page for our location map.

We are located at 311 Lebreton Street South in Ottawa. The closest major intersection to our office is Booth Street and Carling Avenue. Simply visit us during office hours and we’ll be glad to assist you. You are always assured of a convenient, fast and friendly service.

If Fast Draft is required, we will commence work on drafting your document immediately following an initial consultation to acquire relevant details and a method of payment.
Learn More

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives someone else the right and capacity to act on another’s behalf.

Many people believe one or more family members will be able to step in if something happens and they are unable to make decisions for themselves. However, this isn't typically true. For instance, a bank will not allow an alternative decision maker on an account without a power of attorney or similar document. Various other institutions will typically and appropriately refuse to heed directions given by persons without powers of attorney who are intent on acting on behalf of others. In the absence of clarity as to the identity of an alternative decision maker (or decision makers), uncertainty, discord, or substituted government decisions can prevail.

You can name someone to make financial decisions for you, such as paying your bills and taking care of other financial details, with a continuing power of attorney for property. You can even tailor the capacity of that person to a specific property, such as a house, with a continuing power of attorney for specific property.

For personal care and health decisions, such as where you live, what you eat or what medical care you will receive if you get sick, injured, or incapacitated, you can name someone in a power of attorney for personal care.

It is worth noting that no one can make you sign a power of attorney if you don't want to. However, if you don't choose one, the government may have to appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf. It is of course better to choose someone you trust, who cares about you and knows your wishes, rather than leave such a fundamental decision to government functionaries.

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