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Incorporation and Corporate Upkeep


With a lawyer on staff in Ottawa, we have the legal professional capacity to properly handle the process of incorporation, as well as to ensure the ongoing upkeep of your corporation.
Requirements and Service Fees

There is quite a lot to consider with regard to the process of incorporation. Federal of provincial incorporation? Sole shareholder or more than one? How many types of shares and how many shares of each type? Directors and officers? What should be in the articles and what should be in the by-laws?

In general terms, for the purposes of our incorporation services, there is a distinction between incorporating a basic corporation and incorporating a complex one. Complex corporations are typified by two or more shareholders with generally divergent interests, or by articles of incorporation that require special, additional clauses (for instance, for varied lines of business or for structured profit distributions).

Further, it should be noted that incorporation is only the beginning. While incorporating has many benefits, it does legally require some degree of initial as well as ongoing maintenance, the most important of which are the creation of a minute book and the periodic filing of resolutions.

We can guide you through the initial process, asking questions and giving information in order to ascertain the best corporate structure for your interests. In addition, should you choose, we can fully and cost effectively assist with your ongoing corporate maintenance. So, simply walk in and we’ll be glad to get started on your behalf.

Service Fees:
  • incorporation fees: $950 (basic) or $2500 (complex);
  • government and other filing fees: $350
A Few Notes:
  • We are open on Monday from 9am to 6pm, on Tuesday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm, and on Friday from 9am to 4pm.
  • We can open as late as an hour beyond the closing times indicated above if pre-arranged.
  • We see clients without an appointment.
  • We usually accept final clients for the day 15 minutes before the closing times indicated above. Arrivals less than 15 minutes before closing time are charged a separate, one-time after-hours fee of $14.
Optional Fees For Other Services You May Additionally Select:
  • Gold Seal: The above pricing applies to Dry Seal embossing. Some clients prefer Gold Seal embossing, which stands out and reads better if documents are photocopied or scanned, and which is more prestigious. $2 additionally per embossing.
  • Additional Notary Information (Red Stamp): Notaries prevent fraud by checking identities and signatures. To ensure someone is really a notary, Canadian governments check against their database of notary seals and signatures. If the entity requiring you to notarize your document does not have access to this Canadian government database, your notary can give additional information to enable a general (“Law Society”) search to verify your notary’s identity. $6 additionally (one-time flat fee, not per page).
  • Digital Copy: Your notary is required to keep an electronic copy of your identity and document on file. As an option, this copy can be emailed to you. This is useful if you will be giving your notarized document to the entity requesting it, but you want to keep your copy or have a back-up copy. Maximum of 20 one-sided pages. $2 additionally (one-time flat fee, not per page).
  • Witnessing: We can provide you with up to two witnesses, in the event they are required in addition to the notarization of your document. $10 additionally per witness signature.
  • Printing or Copying: We can provide you with a printing or copying service if you send your documents (by email) in advance to our office for printing, or bring your documents in for copying. This is especially useful for clients with large sets of documents, or without the time to print or copy before visiting our office. Our printing or copying rate is $0.40 per page.
  • Fast Draft: Your notary can opt to draft your document if you don’t have one ready. A maximum of 2 pages per document applies. Complex documents will be charged a higher fee. $75 additionally for per document.
1) Payment can be made by Interac, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Payment can also be made by cash. Unfortunately we are unable to accept cheques.
2) The harmonized sales tax (HST) will be added to fees.
Getting Started

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We are located at 311 Lebreton Street South in Ottawa. The closest major intersection to our office is Booth Street and Carling Avenue. Simply visit us during office hours and we’ll be glad to assist you. You are always assured of a convenient, fast and friendly service.
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Incorporation is the formation of a new legal entity, accorded rights, privileges and responsibilities that are quite separate from those accorded the incorporator(s). In essence, in legal parlance, a corporation is a “legal person”. It is this fact that makes incorporation such a powerful and much preferred option for the carrying on of commercial, non-profit as well as charitable activities.

For instance, corporations are typically taxed at a low, flat rate, while individuals are taxed at a medium to high graduated rate. With this difference in mind, the shareholder(s) of a corporation can opt to pay corporate tax only, while leaving the rest of the corporate profit for any given year “in the hands of the corporation”, where it can be invested and grow free of tax, perhaps with only the interest on the investment declared as dividends for taxation in the hands of the shareholder(s).

Regarding another instance, incorporation separates corporate liability from the liability of the shareholder(s), which can result in the protection of the assets of entrepreneurs should the corporation itself be found liable for any wrong-doing. In contrast, a family home can be lost and a family’s livelihood can be ruined should an unincorporated entrepreneur be found liable of wrong-doing, no matter how “technical” or “drummed up”.

In essence, the benefits of incorporation are myriad. Protect what is nearest and dearest to you - contact Bytowne Notary Public today and let us work with you on establishing your very own unique corporate structure.

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