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Canada Authentication and Legalization Service is a bureau of Bytowne Notary Public dedicated to the authentication and legalization of documents for use worldwide. With over forty 5-star reviews from satisfied clients, Bytwone Notary Public is Ottawa's top rated notary and authentication service.

Our expertise and professional capacity means we are able to turn the complex process of apostille, authentication and legalization into a quick, hassle-free and easy set of steps - all of which we perform on your behalf. In addition, our location in Ottawa, Canada's capital, translates into ready and easy access to every embassy or high commission in Canada, as well as to Global Affairs Canada.

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Requirements and Service Fees

To get started, simply contact us. As a bureau of Bytowne Notary Public, the fastest way to reach us is by email sent to

When contacting us, please indicate the document(s) you have, as well as the nature of your need - such as the embassy or high commission we will be dealing with on your behalf, and your intended use for the document(s) you'll be sending to us.

If you intend to visit at our location, note that we are located at 311 Lebreton Street South in Ottawa. The closest major intersection to our office is Booth Street and Carling Avenue. By email, by phone or in person, you are always assured of a convenient, fast and friendly service.

Service Fees:
  • First document - authentication and legalization: $200
  • First document - accompanying notarization: $25
  • Additional documents - authentication and legalization: $150 per document
  • Additional documents - accompanying notarization: $25 per document
  • Embassy or High Commission as well as Return Courier Fees: these are additional
A Few Notes:
  • We are open on Monday from 9am to 6pm, on Tuesday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm, and on Friday from 9am to 4pm.
  • We can open as late as an hour beyond the closing times indicated above if pre-arranged.
  • We see clients without an appointment.
  • We usually accept final clients for the day 15 minutes before the closing times indicated above. Arrivals less than 15 minutes before closing time are charged a separate, one-time after-hours fee of $14.
Optional Fees For Other Services You May Additionally Select:
  • Gold Seal: The above pricing applies to Dry Seal embossing. Some clients prefer Gold Seal embossing, which stands out and reads better if documents are photocopied or scanned, and which is more prestigious. $2 additionally per embossing.
  • Additional Notary Information (Red Stamp): Notaries prevent fraud by checking identities and signatures. To ensure someone is really a notary, Canadian governments check against their database of notary seals and signatures. If the entity requiring you to notarize your document does not have access to this Canadian government database, your notary can give additional information to enable a general (“Law Society”) search to verify your notary’s identity. $6 additionally (one-time flat fee, not per page).
  • Digital Copy: Your notary is required to keep an electronic copy of your identity and document on file. As an option, this copy can be emailed to you. This is useful if you will be giving your notarized document to the entity requesting it, but you want to keep your copy or have a back-up copy. Maximum of 20 one-sided pages. $2 additionally (one-time flat fee, not per page).
  • Witnessing: We can provide you with up to two witnesses, in the event they are required in addition to the notarization of your document. $10 additionally per witness signature.
  • Printing or Copying: We can provide you with a printing or copying service if you send your documents (by email) in advance to our office for printing, or bring your documents in for copying. This is especially useful for clients with large sets of documents, or without the time to print or copy before visiting our office. Our printing or copying rate is $0.40 per page.
  • Fast Draft: Your notary can opt to draft your document if you don’t have one ready. A maximum of 2 pages per document applies. Complex documents will be charged a higher fee. $75 additionally for per document.
1) Payment can be made by Interac, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Payment can also be made by cash. Unfortunately we are unable to accept cheques.
2) As authentication and legalization is a multi-step process. As there are embassy, high commission or consular fees, separate from our service fees, that differ by country and can change without notice, and as courier fees may additionally be required, credit card information must be kept on file. A detailed invoice is submitted at the end of the process in all instances.
3) The harmonized sales tax (HST) will be added to fees.
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The Basics
The authorities in a foreign jurisdiction rely on a notarial seal because notaries are people who have been trained to take steps in ensuring that documents and facts have been properly ascertained. However, such authorities still have no way of verifying the authenticity of the seal on their own.

So, documents notarized in Canada for use abroad must go through a further process of "authentication" and "legalization" in order to be considered valid in the foreign jurisdiction. This multi-step process is the Canadian equivalent of "apostille certificates", which are issued in countries that are signatories to The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents (1961). Canada is not a signatory to that convention.

In most instances, it is essential that the documents at issue be notarized before the steps of authentication and legalization can commence. A few exceptions exist, often with regard to government certified documents. Notarization does not affirm that the contents of the documents are true. Rather, it affirms that the person (deponent) swearing to the truth of the documents did so properly and in person.

A few things to note regarding the step of notarization:
  • For documents consisting of more than one page, the notarial seal often must be embossed throughout the entire document.
  • Original documents are required for the making of any certified or notarized copies.
  • Government certified originals (typically by vital statistics or registry offices, dealing with births, marriages or deaths) can be authenticated and legalized without the prior step of notarization, unless you wish to keep the original for yourself, in which case the copy to be authenticated and legalized must first be notarized.
This step removes the burden on foreign courts and authorities regarding proving the genuineness of documents originating from outside that country. It is undertaken by the federal department - Global Affairs Canada - as well as by provincial authentication authorities such as the Government of Ontario's Official Documents Services.

Authentication verifies the registration of a notary public as well as the notary's seal and signature through the seals and signatures database of the relevant government agency, and results in the placement of a stamp or an additional seal by that government agency. Once this happens, nothing may be added to or removed from the document. Which government agency is required to authenticate depends entirely on the recipient foreign country's rules, and in some cases, authentication from both government agencies may be required.

Subsequent to authentication, "legalization" occurs when the document is presented to the embassy, high commission or consulate of the relevant foreign country for certification. At the point of legalization, the document acquires legal validity in the intended country of use. Canada Authentication and Legalization Service, a bureau of Bytowne Notary Public, is able to handle legalizations regarding all embassies and high commissions in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

Document Types
We authenticate and legalize an assortment of legal documents, including but not limited to the following categories:
  • Transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • Degrees
  • Certificates
  • Records of Completion
  • Passports
  • Driver's License
  • Health Cards
  • Birth Certificates
  • Citizenship Documents
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Marriage Abroad Certificates
  • Marital Status Declarations
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Property Transaction Documents
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Certified Copies
  • Medical Licenses
  • Deeds

311 Lebreton Street South,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 4L4