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Ottawa's full service notary public

Complementary Services

Bytowne Notary Public’s full service capacity means we can offer complementary services that may not be available elsewhere in Ottawa.

As a complement to each one of our services, we are pleased to be able to offer the following:

Depository Services
Have your document executed in duplicate, and file one with us for safe keeping. Should you ever lose the one you have, simply request the one we’ve kept for you. Try the service for a year, and if at any time, or at the end of the year, you no longer require the document, simply come and pick it up, or instruct that we destroy it. If you prefer that we continue the safe keeping, simply renew the service for another year.
Service Fee: $40 per year
Real Wax Seal - Basic
Long before the days of official seals that stick to paper, wax seals were used for formal and official matters. Should you wish to have your document notarized, certified or commissioned in a more traditional manner, you may request a real molten, stamped wax seal.
Service Fee: Additional $40

Real Wax Seal - With Silver or Gold Inlay
For documentation that is not only formal, but also bound for the highest of quarters, or for an official document with an added essence that conveys the intentions and place of the bearer, consider a wax seal with either a silver or a gold inlay. During your visit, our notary will present you with samples for your consideration.
Service Fee - Wax Seal with Silver Inlay: Additional $60
Service Fee - Wax Seal with Gold Inlay: Additional $80

311 Lebreton Street South,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 4L4