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At Bytowne Notary Public, we can put Canada's exclusive provider of document drafting services at your disposal.

Through our national document drafting service - Affidavits-Canada - we deliver premium drafting services to our clients at a price that won't leave you with sticker shock.

The result ensures you can get your document written by a competent Notary or Commissioner of Oaths, and executed and notarized at our Ottawa office right afterwards. It's a service that sets us apart.
Visit Affidavits-Canada to discover the vast array of document types we can produce for you, taking the stress off getting your document right for the legal or governmental process you are undertaking.

To proceed with a document drafting request, simply fill out the form related to your need at Affidavits-Canada, pre-pay, and submit. We'll commence the work of drafting your document right away, and in almost all instances, your document will be ready within 24 hours. It really is that simple!

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